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  EMISSION DU 18/06/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 colour me blood red pulling wires pulling wires roadkill

2 sweat bowls club bowls club autoproduction

3 delicious monsters magic eye 3d freedom plastic realistic? tetrayon tapes

4 lorelle meets the obsolete arco datura sonic cathedral

5 the mother superior whimperer glass hours autoproduction

6 perfect actress perfect actress perfect actress autoproduction

7 japanese jesus insignifiant depression breakfast autoproduction

8 naked lungs relentless doomscroll autoproduction

9 demons sweet dreams under the western heel the ghost is clear

10 surcarilita silly freaky mírala mirando bud tapes

11 figure eight altar altar autoproduction

12 angharad postpartum motherland libertino

13 motorbike potential to ride motorbike autoproduction

14 knauff okay syd, now we fight okay syd, now we fight non ti seguo

15 delicious monsters buffalo freedom plastic realistic? tetryon tapes

16 lorelle meets the obsolete ave en renersa datura sonic cathedral

17 bargain world whirl bargain world ep autoproduction

18 exotic fruitica disrtiest scum (feat. paul leary) disrtiest scum (feat. paul leary) mr. pink

19 piece star cunt piece be with you autoproduction

20 red howler sit down and shut the fuck up sit down and shut the fuck up autoproduction

21 regiarand transistor vol 1 autoproduction

22 phiz delirium jigsaw feeling autoproduction

23 private lives trust in me hit record feel it

24 naked objects dme attack ships autoproduction

25 nothingheads repeat under the lens sunlit uplands autoproduction

26 whalesong leaving a dream leaving a dream zoharum

27 illusions of an orange into the orangeverse pt.3 into the orange verse autoproduction

28 delicious monsters somnamlbulist + anxiety coven freedom plastic realistic? tetryon tapes

29 lorelle meets the obsolete dos noches datura sonic cathedral

Artiste: lorelle meets the obsolete
Album: datura
Label: sonic cathedral

Artiste: delicious monsters
Album: freedom plastic realistic?
Label: tetrayon tapes

Artiste: delicious monsters
Album: freedom plastic realistic?
Label: tetryon tapes

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