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  EMISSION DU 25/06/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 rotary club american tower american tower iron lung

2 big clown frogman beatdown swimming faith

3 wireheads hook echo potentially venus tenth court

4 mirakler ecstatic fields of love and grace how i became the devil reptilian

5 carnations videodrome carnations urge

6 rocky repeater rocky lulu´s sonic disc club

7 horn all my breathing horn melted ice cream

8 moni jitchell sell selfish unreal makeshift swahili

9 half human the new day intelligent design specious arts

10 jj and the a´s head in a vat jj and the a´s la vida es un mus

11 the prom court strawberry parade strawberry parade / melted sun autoproduction

12 kevin shields blender blender autoproduction

13 placement new disease new disease autoproduction

14 cs cleaners donkey drolomon spirit lust

15 wireheads 1000 red venomous snakes potentially venus tenth court

16 mirakler kenny how i became the devil reptilian

17 facet automatic facet hex

18 the illness alone / aline summerase ep autoproduction

19 zerocircle quae sunt in hoc mundo tantum vanitatum zerocircle autoproduction

20 it it anita don´t bend (my friend) don´t bend (my friend) vicious circle

21 public figures still a great night still a great night autoproduction

22 wednesday length rolling a kerouac regurgitation therapy vol i autoproduction

23 microbes, mostly tar sands bones for broth autoproduction

24 eyesore & the jinx no more nails jitterbug autoproduction

25 wehatethesmiths z futurevore autoproduction

26 dead crayons reflection of a bliss touches autoproduction

27 chino slim shady blues chicos chicos chicos autoproduction

28 gloin angry arboretum v/a: sounds from mothland, vol. ii mothland

29 white wire gimme crack up vox project

30 mirakler christ, b.c. how i became the devil reptilian

31 wireheads drown yr. frowns potentially venus tenth court

Artiste: mirakler
Album: how i became the devil
Label: reptilian

Artiste: wireheads
Album: potentially venus
Label: tenth court

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