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  EMISSION DU 02/07/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 busted head racket wyl2k (noisy) junk food idiotape

2 hairy nipples old boys gaslighting family spree

3 traders walls cool off autoproduction

4 nazca plate the gun drop nazca plate label of goods

5 special friend maze wait until the fames come rushing in howlin´ banana

6 daiistar star stater good time fuzz club

7 magnolia smoke my brain fogggg smoke my brain fogggg autoproduction

8 bau so high indifferentemente aagoo

9 bell toll tired 23 demo noise merchant

10 consumer culture pile of bodies the future is a pile of bodies the ghost is clear

11 peter kernel bravo drum to death on the camper

12 not yetis head hole a cautionary tale autoproduction

13 early autumn station ets ets / bonnie & clyde autoproduction

14 brunsten chopjob ethyl forbidden place

15 spider riptide riptide cpyrt cntrl rcrds

16 nazca plate heavy water nazca plate label of goods

17 sondar the isn´t the isn´t autoproduction

18 bleary eyed upset v/a: a julia´s war triple split julia´s war

19 slow salvation decay here we lie velvet blue music

20 flat worms time warp exile witness marks drag city

21 oldbeard paper mache so, now what? autoproduction

22 sgt. starling no rest soft eyes / no rest autoproduction

23 treatment joyride you will be autoproduction

24 ballot box the game the game election plan

25 compost tonnelet fest noize autoproduction

26 noixaa little unfinished one the emergency exit autoproduction

27 lsdoubledcup shut up lsdoubledcup autoproduction

28 sprain man proposes, god disposes the lamb as effigy the flenser

29 nazca plate teeth nazca plate label of goods

30 sweeping promises connoisseur of salt good living is coming for you feel it

Artiste: nazca plate
Album: nazca plate
Label: label of goods

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