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  EMISSION DU 09/07/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sedative disorder outcast mental essence autoproduction

2 black thumb out of sight the flying propeller group dandy boy

3 plant fight the fiend plant fight autoproduction

4 longings can´t look back dreams in red don giovanni

5 the loud bangs pretty checked out kiss me three autoproduction

6 say sue me mind is light mind is light autoproduction

7 megot looters megot autoproduction

8 alpha strategy mosquito generation point staple my hand to yours autoproduction

9 scuba diving assholes more speed less brain scuba diving assholes autoproduction

10 occupants introvert (dig) introvert (dig) autoproduction

11 tremours dark glasses dark glasses little cloud

12 dreams (the) tears last night i was dreaming and i fell in love indica collective

13 dog city apparition (not the same) dog city autoproduction

14 velvélé mucho weaned autoproduction

15 plant fight take my data plant fight autoproduction

16 longings the game dreams in red don giovanni

17 pretty crime path rage pretty crime autoproduction

18 wandering summer hexagons wandering summer ep safe suburban home

19 jegong come to the center the complex inbetween pelagic

20 leopard print taser esta festame molesta existential bathroom graffiti autoproduction

21 los blancos christina christina libertino

22 reverberation club go! reverberation club ep autoproduction

23 the fabulous roman candle drone on heading for the ohm (we all came from) autoproduction

24 bastard salt lords knows secret moon autoproduction

25 edging white buffalo white buffalo autoproduction

26 weird wave astral difficulties lost maps presents weird wave lost map

27 todd briefly maps demos 3 (two ne songs) just step sideways

28 optic sink a face in the crowd a face in the crowd autoproduction

29 dez dare stop. stop. stop. talking. perseus war autoproduction

30 plant fight warm toes plant fight autoproduction

31 longings motionless dreams in red don giovanni

Artiste: plant fight
Album: plant fight
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: longings
Album: dreams in red
Label: don giovanni

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