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  EMISSION DU 27/08/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 uhr eskimo salatiel harms own it

2 edging nothing #9 good sex music dick jail

3 the present age shrug language radio static intelligible vorsatz sound techniques

4 docents to know him is to love him figure study ten tremors

5 tony jay isolated visions perfect worlds slumberland

6 velvet sunset me and my friends me and my friends autoproduction

7 patio relics collection fire talk

8 flat worms sigalert witness marks drag city

9 monette my name is sandy scraps autoproduction

10 bug facer prod triple death warren

11 dragged up hex domestic hex domestic cruel nature

12 cult of lip convene marsha mpls ltd

13 neon kittens sunburn on my legs sunburn on my legs metal postcard

14 slowhandclap in the belly in the belly autoproduction

15 the present age what they pay to see radio static intelligible vorsatz sound techniques

16 docents the cold figure study ten tremors

17 sprain we think so ill of you the lamb as effigy the flenser

18 (look out) here come kil a return to the jet age (to you, someday) a return to the jet age (to you, someday) autoproduction

19 tekla goldman odra odra tekla

20 john riddley scott walker a life diagrammatic brace yourself

21 feefawfum dka 100 autoproduction

22 bzdet gwiezzzdne traumy wystarczy dla kazdego syf

23 ved black garden krapp´s first tape autoproduction

24 fillette on the spot fillette katatak

25 big shipping mechanical man we will be forgotten autoproduction

26 verstärker ankunft jenseits fuzz club

27 dirty milk she watches jets squirm autoproduction

28 docents bits figure study ten tremors

29 the present age always turn it on its head radio static intelligible vorsatz sound techniques

Artiste: docents
Album: figure study
Label: ten tremors

Artiste: the present age
Album: radio static intelligible
Label: vorsatz sound techniques

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