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  EMISSION DU 03/09/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 rive droite country club stevie cigale antifête danger

2 model living tilted alignment autoproduction

3 gym tonic survivor of the suicide bridge good job phantom

4 the dog indiana golden pavilion burnt ends early onset

5 funeral cake sleep over one place left dandy boy

6 helpful people are you offscreen? brokenblossom threats burundi cloud music

7 mila moon slow clockwise candlepin

8 bad news first make it better make it better autoproduction

9 tube alloys modern luxury magnetic point la vida es un mus

10 deafcult annihilate future of illusion hobbledehoy

11 tremosphere creature of the see becoming creatures autoproduction

12 alfred morose without you waiting until tomorrow autoproduction

13 queen serene isengard isengard serenity now inc.

14 corker anomie falser truths feel it

15 gym tonic b12 injection good job phantom

16 the dog indiana the hanged man burnt ends early onset

17 mums who said? legs hex

18 kaliyuga express behind the veil warriors riot season

19 happy dust gang this is my first song in german this my first song in german autoproduction

20 eyesore & the jinx nocturnal athletes (ode to bruno) jitterbug autoproduction

21 fake indians talk radio inforock fons

22 just the wolves lupa lupa autoproduction

23 circuit circuit slander eats slander body songs dark trail

24 vintage crop springtime springtime upset the rhythm

25 ghostwoman alright alright hindsight is 50/50 full time hobby

26 swallow the rat mind south locust shifting sounds

27 luggage mirror it hand is bad amish

28 modern technology dead air conditions of worth human worth

29 traindodge face thieves the alley parade spartan

30 the dog indiana natural law burnt ends early onset

31 gym tonic double digits good job phantom

Artiste: the dog indiana
Album: burnt ends
Label: early onset

Artiste: gym tonic
Album: good job
Label: phantom

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