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  EMISSION DU 10/09/2023

Artiste Track Album Label

1 gas kunst bdsp gas mark two ep rare vitamin

2 gonies circuit fatigue slow gubby / circuit fatigue autoproduction

3 blitzer uncle blitzer ep autoproduction

4 elaine malone open season pyrrhic pizza pizza

5 olivia o. lingr everyone is a light rope bridge

6 swansea sound click it and pay twentieth century skep wax

7 the moth battlefield frost exile on mainstream

8 open head intrusive thought v/a: #1 i´m into life

9 urine hell pitiable v/a: urine hell / nüde split already dead tapes

10 seablite melancholy molly lemon lights mt. st. mtn.

11 tossing seed memory capsule when you come around paska

12 guppy texting & driving texting & driving lauren

13 motorports black coffee saddles in mind autoproduction

14 white wire attali teenage riot crack up vox project

15 blitzer nasty girl blitzer ep autoproduction

16 elaine malone the hunger pyrrhic pizza pizza

17 flooding muzzle silhouette machine the ghost is clear

18 youff sunshine heydays rockerill

19 ´68 removed their hooks yes, and... pure noise

20 melenas k2 ahora trouble in mind

21 amka 7s live at pestus studio autoproduction

22 crache crache crache ganache

23 milk tv run to buy vacuum neo-geo exag´

24 vor-stellen gronland parallelograms autoproduction

25 no hoper correspondent correspondent autoproduction

26 brorlab digital extermination brorlab la vida es un mus

27 aidan baker, tobias humble, ayami suzuki gobanme trio not trio - yonbanme gizeh

28 blitzer (next song is about) war blitzer ep autoproduction

29 elaine malone sin eater pyrrhic pizza pizza

Artiste: blitzer
Album: blitzer ep
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: elaine malone
Album: pyrrhic
Label: pizza pizza

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