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  EMISSION DU 19/04/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pet crow one whole summer take the edge off autoproduction

2 yammerer life in the new build donnay death housing cryssis restless bear

3 princess thailand sonar and we shine a tant rêver du roi

4 la chasse les bergères de l´apocalypse sidera cheap satanism

5 shallow waves synesthesia v/a: song from quarantine: a compilation green witch

6 heads. push you out the sea push glitterhouse

7 bitter branches her disease this may hurt a bit autoproduction

8 crasher doorman doorman/prisoner demos postlude paradox

9 melting palms fused abyss la pochette surprise

10 adele & the chandeliers german on my mind german on my mind/something good is happening autoproduction

11 sundae calico sundae ii autoproduction

12 thee red heads renting a car another factory autoproduction

13 easy prey gasoline mouth recentless struggle 1407

14 ganser lucky just look at that sky felte

15 princess thailand now where and we shine a tant rêver du roi

16 la chasse lapis lazuli sidera cheap satanism

17 tvod party in the disco hut daisy autoproduction

18 education head on a stick culture imminent destruction

19 pinocchio light speed vol. 1 pinocchio toxic state

20 kingkai & the heretics before the sun comes up tribulation transmissions autoproduction

21 jack dean the fire thief the fire thief autoproduction

22 thurston moore instant transcendent conjecture instant transcendent conjecture autoproduction

23 come holy spirit working women are pissed (believe her) working women are pissed (believe her) autoproduction

24 midwife language forever the flenser

25 boy scouts wish wish anti-

26 avec toi dans un champ quelqu´un atdc beastie noise

27 stenifer inservitude demain est annulé beastie noise

28 la chasse glycin et petit rosier sidera cheap satanism

29 princess thailand night after day and we shine a tant rêver du roi

Artiste: princess thailand
Album: and we shine
Label: a tant rêver du roi

Artiste: la chasse
Album: sidera
Label: cheap satanism

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