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  EMISSION DU 26/04/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 table scraps i wanna stay home with u v/a: quarantunes: songs from self-isolation #2 burger

2 toy want u want u autoproduction

3 swallow the rat new cross leaving room shifting sounds

4 beyond the soul of the demon goddess 2 ii scatological liberation front

5 gesture fiction ii tape static age musik

6 leakage tits hysteria autoproduction

7 melt downer gross white gross white numavi

8 fossil arm cannot swim in bad decline autoproduction

9 destructos dustcloud blast! autoproduction

10 kidbug dreamy kidbug joyful noise

11 primo! 1000 words sogni upset the rhythm

11 the colour collection ne décide pas pour moi ne décide pas pour moi bickerton

12 moor jewelry judgement true opera don giovanni

13 the worms dave is dead back to the bog hidden bay

13 we wild blood lock in vicious virtues hot fools

14 swallow the rat chromos leaving room shifting sounds

15 beyond the soul of the demon goddess 5 ii scatological liberation front

17 plutonium baby alkaline booster alkaline booster autoproduction

18 ghoulies unpack your bags flat earth autoproduction

19 souki miura miura permanent creeps

20 e dead drop complications silver rocket

21 des yeux post-covid generation drone to the bone autoproduction

22 dakiniz zulu radio station raging shouts autoproduction

23 wild things our love hasn´t died yet biscuit bandit sapajou

24 alien lizard in the labyrinth veux-tu la vie autoproduction

25 hot garbage easy believer easy believer autoproduction

26 disappears + steve shelley + white/light interpretes disappears + steve shelley + white/light vampire blues

27 swallow the rat billy leaving room shifting sounds

28 beyond the soul of the demon goddess 7 ii scatological liberation front

Artiste: swallow the rat
Album: leaving room
Label: shifting sounds

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