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  EMISSION DU 02/08/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 deaf surf strangers strangers slinhshot

2 public eye last dog music for leisure drunken sailor

3 lawn jane ryan johnny muscle beach

4 troublemaker old youth troublemaker autoproduction

5 mj guider fm secure sour cherry bell kranky

6 4vesta static static fantastic forest

7 plan pony feverfew feverfew autoproduction

8 brain cave erosion stuck in the mud tiny god inc.

9 dying trades fantasia in orange fantasia in orange autoproduction

10 cherry pickles out of this world the juice that´s worth the squeeze pnkslm

11 shiny times so alone v/a: text me when you get here fallen love

11 absinthe father pedestal (demo) pedestal (demo) autoproduction

12 rip room conceded v/a: quarantimes vol.one learning curve

13 black mekon sick and low the lumpiness of demand pnkslm

13 jousting the god estrus snout method tropical cancer rort

14 troublemaker noiz rock is dead troublemaker autoproduction

15 møtrik castle electric artificial head jealous butcher

17 body double the floating hand milk fed zum

18 friends of gas stechpalmenwald kein wetter staatsakt

19 plop fall cabal deep fake learn or go society.

20 musheen oblivion etat numavi

21 lore city it´s all happening alchemical task autoproduction

22 vincas i´m taking you to hell phantasma learning curve

23 nikki louder tail droop when girls leave nikki louder moonlee

24 onoda land land/islands cranes

25 black helium one way trip the wholly other riot season

26 aua coke diet i don´t want it darker crazysane

27 troublemaker bad mother sugar troublemaker autoproduction

Artiste: troublemaker
Album: troublemaker
Label: autoproduction

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