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  EMISSION DU 14/03/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bloom 604 punk breed bloom flover

2 moron pretend friend allston live demnies autoproduction

3 trigger cut coffin digger rogo autoproduction

4 pink room live laugh love putain royale rockerill

5 special friend ennemi commun ennemi commun howlin´ banana

6 dayflower wonder why in the clouds / wonder why autoproduction

7 shallow waves degradation echoes of a collapse green witch

8 total wkts odermatt no holiday pets care

9 pelvi$$ byo flies breakdown fuzzy warbles cassettes

10 tooms blanket blanket colin

11 magic roundabout sneaky feelin´ sneaky feelin´b/w song for gerald langley third man

11 mope city rocket surgery within the walls tenth court

12 packs silvertongue take the cake fire talk

13 kill surf city no chance v/a: kill surf city/soothing - split blacktop

13 trigger cut way down the border rogo autoproduction

14 pink room all breaks no gas putain royale rockerill

15 pauwels mahlowne toli vox project

17 courting grand national grand national nice swan

18 lazy queen bid geal get home or die trying ep autoproduction

19 the bobo razem razem autoproduction

20 alright get better get better self aware

21 spiritual mafia lunch alfresco anti fade

22 markus insécurité reservoir späti palace

23 mary bell rapists behind the scene bellatrix boadicea destructure

24 modern technology ctrl v/a: 72% / modern technology split - drowning in a sea of bastards / lorn human worth

25 ghost police in my skin my hell autoproduction

26 sonophyla because of the ceòl mòr seòmar autoproduction

27 yoo doo right don´t think you can escape your purpose don´t think you can escape your purpose mothland

28 trigger cut nutcracker rogo autoproduction

28 pink room the most underrated piece of art putain royale rockerill

29 hypnotic floor beinwärts v/a: the reverb conspiracy vol. 7 fuzz club

Artiste: trigger cut
Album: rogo
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: pink room
Album: putain royale
Label: rockerill

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