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  EMISSION DU 21/03/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 scum couch sea of creatives v/a: scum couch | tree walk (split) autoproduction

2 brain peel waste my time v/a: brain peel and double suede - banana split fire hazard

3 pom pom squad lux lux city slang

4 a/lpaca inept make it better we were never being boring collective

5 cult of dom keller last king of hell they carried the dead in a u.f.o. fuzz club

6 dez dare dumb dumb dumb hairline ego trip ch!mp

7 complainer downer v/a: complainer / moonrace (split) already dead tapes

8 sick set tv fucker sick set autoproduction

9 raw plastic waveswaveswaves waiting till summer new morality zine

10 on hallowed ground sarah v/a: hawaiian vest // on hallowed ground - minimal and excess (split) autoproduction

11 velvet sunset blue blue autoproduction

12 m(h)aol asking for it asking for it autoproduction

13 plastic psalms self-stained slate self-stained slate cut love sound tapes

14 stuyedeyed all i know is fear all i know is fear autoproduction

15 the black heart death cult one way through sonic mantras kozmic artifacts

16 a/lpaca hypnosis make it better we were never being boring collective

17 unschooling social chameleon random acts of total control howlin´ banana

18 stella research commitee dustkop a proposed method for determining sanding fitness fernald feed archive

19 gentles insecurity blanket gentles autoproduction

20 the mind lets experience yr head open up the window and leave your body lumpy

21 gaadge flipping shit yeah? crafted sounds

22 muck spreader a place the birds won´t sing a place the birds won´t sing autoproduction

23 ceramics? end of daze heavy duty // end of daze leisure world tapes

24 violet nox shapeshifter whispering galaxy infinity vine

25 asenath anyox asenath anyox death of a naturalist silvis

26 mmuurr machinery machinery honest house

27 ex-giant bedwetter bedwetter autoproduction

28 swallow the rat don´t v/a: swallow the rat - clone (split) autoproduction

29 a/lpaca i am kevin ayers make it better we were never being boring collective

30 wolfen soldier the mission up in her room

Artiste: a/lpaca
Album: make it better
Label: we were never being boring collective

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