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  EMISSION DU 28/03/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 repo fam fun seekers venus fly gentle reminder

2 hadda be wait in the dark another life last night from glasgow

3 last quokka justice / system v/a: last quokka / false cobra - the west ghost split stock

4 concrete ships a record of ancient matters in observance trepanation

5 winona dryver super flower scene super flower scene autoproduction

6 special friend hazard ennemi commun howlin´ banana

7 uv-tv distant lullaby always something papercup music

8 go lamborghini go i´m exhausted low mangel

9 the international debt competitive living new optimism autoproduction

10 bloody head homeopathic mountains the temple pillars dissolve into the clouds hominid sounds

11 monokultur bär deras saker ormens väg mammas mysteriska jukebox

11 popporn go away trends autoproduction

12 facs general public present tense trouble in mind

13 bloom 604 rust and sunshine bloom flover

13 kaputt movement now movement now/another war talk upset the rhythm

14 concrete ships clouds in observance trepanation

15 projector zero zero roadkill

17 mary bell sacrificed bellatrix boadicea destructure

18 von stroheim bucketful of bile bucketful of bile off

19 seed hole dun pageant autoproduction

20 mark ripped tom payless artist (true story) rich agony autoproduction

21 special delivery dfcf who is special delivery? city of glass

22 snapped ankles rhythm is our business forest of your problems the leaf label

23 winter all i know all i know bar/none

24 tidal rave the four seasons albumette fishrider

25 the bug club we don´t need room for lovin´ launching moon dream one bingo

26 pilgrim screw mental rations pilgrim screw impotent fetus

27 tren go! sound system & ornamental assessment assessment dirty filthy

28 concrete ships vibration white finger in observance trepanation

Artiste: concrete ships
Album: in observance
Label: trepanation

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