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  EMISSION DU 04/04/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 popporn trends trends autoproduction

2 bliss no perception demo tape autoproduction

3 the dead space la la man chlorine sleep 12xu

4 it it anita sermonizer sauvé vicious circle

5 the mind tomorrow will find you lonesome open up the window and leave your body lumpy

6 ghost transmission stand still stand still el genio equivocado

7 scow the muss bee scowl autoproduction

8 night lunch scary car table for two autoproduction

9 nose in the nose ego trip raw vox project

10 wombo dreamsickle keesh mountain fire talk

11 the pleasure holes surf´s up reprise (goo´s surprise) goo´s revenge autoproduction

12 blue ocean lava blue ocean paisley shirt

13 sea of limbs where are you now? sea of limbs eat strange

14 jr. joy sicophant dr. boy autoproduction

15 doppler radar and the local news kissing booth d.r.l.n! goodbye boozy

16 it it anita more sauvé vicious circle

17 smote bodkin bodkin autoproduction

18 secte ethiopia ethiopia ff hhh

19 m.a.z.e. 311 ii lumpy

20 llrr flash back drive < = > call and response

21 beak> oh know oh know invada

22 gary, indiana housecoats v/a: group therapy vol. 2 group therapy

23 lindblom & lindblom two pricks the red rail nejelnet

24 moop papatte douce ostara tonzonen

25 zement hohlraum schleifen sunhair music

26 claus mattheck crashed uniform stress hot fools

27 it it anita routine sauvé vicious circle

28 olivia´s world debutante tuff 2b tender ep lost sound tapes

Artiste: it it anita
Album: sauvé
Label: vicious circle

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