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  EMISSION DU 11/07/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 nosferatu moon high rise ep1 autoproduction

2 the lovely eggs i, moron i, moron egg

3 art mate ok boomer ok boomer autoproduction

4 soot cut finder bad news, bad habits fuzz tapes

5 torrey cold snack something happy autoproduction

6 april magazine shrine sunday music for a overpass paisley shirt

7 omnes corpora earth peace plan demos astronoma

8 takomaha trash hands takomaha autoproduction

9 strange unit turbulence turbulence autoproduction

10 liily i am who i think i am i am who i think i am flush

11 moin right is alright, wrong is to belong moot! ad 93

11 feels night walker submersive reaction deemed printable

12 martes niebla helsinki i helsinki i el genio equivocado

13 the riot vans scary faces scary faces disobepient

13 le prince harry & the guilt cat piss v/a: le prince harry & the guilt split jaune orange

14 soot dark powder bad news, bad habits fuzz tapes

15 stressless catch & release catch & release autoproduction

17 wednesday one more last one twin plagues orindal

18 zahn pavian zahn crazysane

19 tunic quitter quitter artoffact

20 decor curb alert decor autoproduction

21 the people underground disconnected disconnected cheap satanism

22 13th hole blood and pain mantra autoproduction

23 hxxs starve channeler autoproduction

24 muck spreader freshky squeezed abysmal autoproduction

25 fupper burning up the light burning up the light wrong speed

26 rien virgule apache la consolation des violettes murailles music

27 soot snakes in the camp? fuck that bad news, bad habits fuzz tapes

28 fuzzy lights songbird burials meadows

Artiste: soot
Album: bad news, bad habits
Label: fuzz tapes

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