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  EMISSION DU 18/07/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 fat earthers phoney phoney autoproduction

2 eieieio okokok v/a: eieieio - gorgeous split sad cactus

3 soft shoulder child not listing formerly on fluorescent paper gilgongo

4 total wife cement total wife warehaus

5 cindy to be true 1:2 mt. st. mtn.

6 pip blom it should have been fun welcome break heavenly

7 the real codington factory deli goat siblings autoproduction

8 edging fuck you sir concrete cumming autoproduction

9 mouthbreathe(r) primeval only in america plata o plomo

10 ov pain excess and expenditure the churning blue of noon it

11 vanity mirror swivel bleak autoproduction

11 high marks the fire line corrosion is the monument phage tapes

12 posy buy buy buy bongga ka dai autoproduction

13 the webbers jagalope toxic reflection ep autoproduction

13 soft shoulder coroner store formerly on fluorescent paper gilgongo

14 total wife web total wife warehaus

15 the summer triangle cloudchaser the summer triangle melotron

17 luggage lie design happiness husky pants

18 lower automation vegan neuroscientist lower automation zegema beach

19 liquid moon hollow drone multiprismatic autoproduction

20 jarvis probes do you like my flippers? fruits are fun label of goods

21 pop. 1280 noncompliant museum on the horizon profound lore

22 mannequin pussy perfect perfect epitaph

23 nomissugui haguki nomissugui dushtu

24 pilot voyager the mountain named miracle overheated man psychedelic source

25 jars the best festival the best festival p.o.g.o.

26 beige banquet awake beige banquet just step sideways

27 pozi detainer man typing ep prah

28 soft shoulder see 19 in 20 formerly on fluorescent paper gilgongo

28 total wife between the walls total wife warehaus

Artiste: soft shoulder
Album: formerly on fluorescent paper
Label: gilgongo

Artiste: total wife
Album: total wife
Label: warehaus

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